Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Is It Legal To Use An Essay Writer Online?

It is legal to use essay writers if they pass the full rights to their work onto you when you pay and accept their work. It is illegal to use the work if the writing service still holds the copyright. If the company passes the rights onto you, then you may use it as your own, claim it is your own work, and even use the essay for commercial gain, which includes publishing it and selling it.

Where can I find an essay writer online?

You can try Google, but you will be better off trying to find an essay writer via a review website. You may also ask your friends if they have had any good experiences with writing services, as they may be able to direct you to a reliable one.

Why don’t colleges like essay writers online?

The most obvious reason is because if essay writers are doing all the work, then the students are not. It is in the college’s interest to downplay the popularity of writing services, and to scare students into not using them. However, their propaganda is not working because more students are using essay-writing services than ever before, and the academic-writing industry is still growing.

Should I believe the scare stories?

There are a few true ones, such as students paying $10 for a 3000 word essay and then being surprised to find out it is plagiarized. It is simply a case of common sense. Some writing companies will produce excellent work for a fair price, and some are simply after your money. Any article that tells you all writing services are good and honest is lying to you, just the same as if they said all contractors, lawyers and mechanics were honest. Use your common sense and you will be fine. If something seems too good to be true--it probably isn’t.